Home Energy Audit

How we do it…

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PCH will apply state of the art energy certified equipment & testing methodology:
• Combustion Safety Test-PCH focuses on you and your family’s personal safety. This is accomplished by targeting three main components: Gas Leakage, Carbon Monoxide Spillage and the fuel efficiency of your equipment.
• Blower Door Test- Using negative pressure, we will identify any air leaks. TRANSLATION: Drafts!
• Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera- Using this device, PCH will quickly locate areas of thermal loss or gain, so you’re not heating and cooling the outdoors…or letting Mother Nature inside to your family’s environment… complete with drafts, moisture and mold!

What we do:
• Exterior Assessment- as BPI accredited General Contractors, PCH will evaluate the general condition and construction elements of your home for safety.
• Interior Assessment- PCH will inspect and assess every area of the interior including attics, basements and crawl spaces.
• Air Sealing & Calking- all areas of your home will be inspected and tested for air leaks.
• Insulation- PCH will assess and survey the envelope of your home for adequate and suitable insulation identifying hot and cold spots which create drafts.
• Heating & Cooling Systems–Heating and cooling systems will be tested for energy efficiency, schematic design and performance. We will also assess and measure air flow at ducts and other areas of air flow.
• Windows & Doors- All Doors and Windows will be inspected and tested for excessive thermal loss to make sure drafts and unwanted moisture are kept out of your home.
• Appliances & Lighting- All appliances & lighting will be reviewed and measured to determine energy usage.

What you get:
• A comprehensive energy model (based on our assessment and test result)
• Photographs
• Thermal images
• List of acute/safety items

PCH will go one step further by coordinating and supervising these corrective remedies to ensure these remedies are executed to the highest level and your home is as safe, healthy, and energy efficient as possible. The benefit to your bottom line and return on your investment will be self-evident.

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