Hamptons Estate Management offers comprehensive home and property management services to meet the specific needs of each client. Our Property Managers understand the complex and sensitive nature of maintaining and managing your property.

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Weekly Inspections: We walk through the entire property and inspect/secure all rooms, suites and grounds. We document and assess any potential problem areas specific to your home. Scheduled periodic inspections of your property are emailed directly to you each week.

Annual Inspections: A comprehensive annual inspection of your home is done, in an effort to locate existing or potential problems, so that they are brought to your attention and addressed before they become larger problems.  We will provide you with a written report of any recommended repairs.

Supervision & Coordination:  When there is work to be performed at your property, it is crucial not “only to meet” the various trades people at your property, just to “let them in”, in your absence. It is the trust and assurance that the job will be done correctly, the worker does not create damage to your property which could be more costly then the job in the first place. Knowing this, we handle all the vendors from the various trades so you don’t have to.  We know what repairs should cost and how long they should take to complete. Your key never leaves our hands, your alarm code is never given out and your property is never entered without supervision by Hamptons Estate Management. This is how we can assure “security”, “quality of workmanship” and “damage control” at you property. All vendors have been hand selected for impeccable service, reliability and fair pricing.

PCH Skilled Labor: PCH Contracting has built its reputation based on its consistency in delivering the highest levels of personal service, superior craftsmanship and attention to details. We believe education is vital to providing you with the best possible building experience. We keep up to date with the new technologies, codes and building practices. Our Carpenters are highly skilled and competent and conscious of safety and quality throughout the process.

Preventative, Routine Maintenance and External Housekeeping: Utilizing a system of maintenance-related check points inspected at regularly scheduled intervals, we will constantly review and respond to the overall condition of your property. This will allow us to address small repairs before they become large repairs.

Annual & Bi-Annual System Servicing: We maintain your systems and equipment to prevent future problems, deterioration and unwanted costs. Through Supervision & Coordination, we will manage the servicing of your HVAC System, Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, Exterior Plumping, Sprinkler Systems, Swimming Pools and Safety Equipment which includes maintaining & retagging fire extinguishers.

Summer and Winterization Commissioning: Your home will be open, furniture will be placed, water and gas turned on, and all systems will be checked to insure readiness for your arrival. Your windows will be washed inside and out. When you are finished for the weekend, week, or summer we will put everything back in shape and prepare it for your next visit or put it all away for the winter. This includes taking down screens and replacing them with storms along with unplugging and storing unused appliances and furniture. Your water will be turned off, pipes and tanks drained, and antifreeze placed in traps, dishwashers, and clothes washers. Everything will be buttoned up, safe and ready for the winter.  We will keep an eye on your home over the winter months to make sure all is well. Should you decide to make a trip north to enjoy the winter wonderland we would be happy to remove some snow and have your place open, warm and ready for your use.

Emergency & Storm Services: We prepare your home and property for hurricanes and storms and visit your home during them. If there’s a problem, we notify you immediately. If there’s an emergency, we are there to respond to it and work with the appropriate service professionals. With 24 Hr. Security, we respond, assess, notify & address the issue day or night. During the off-season we monitor your home to detect temperature extremes, power failures, sounds such as smoke alarms and burglar alarms and many other conditions.

Concierge/Other Services: We can manage everything for you and your family to ease the burden of managing all the little but time consuming details, so you can focus on things that you enjoy doing.  Some of our basic services include picking up dropping off and receiving deliveries, car and bicycle pick-ups, servicing & detailing your vehicles and car transports to and from airport/bus station, etc…