Tips to Choosing a Reliable Custom Home Builder

Planning your dream home soon? Your home is certainly one of the most treasured assets which you would love to pass proudly as a legacy to generations to come. Therefore, you have to be really careful with your choice of a custom home builder, as not all builders can guarantee complete customer satisfaction and a timelessly classic home. Here are some top tips on how to locate a reliable custom home builder when embarking upon building your own luxury Hamptons home.

The first tip here is to survey or interview 2 to 3 potential custom home builders in the area. Never make the mistake of settling with the first builder you come across. Make sure that your top three choices specifically specialize in custom luxury homes. As you shortlist the builders, you have to spend some time really analyzing their work and business, covering their customer service approach, previous projects and client testimonials. The one you choose should be a reputable, licensed and accredited one, armed with spectacular projects and a happy clientele.

Leading custom builders generally work with seasoned architects, first-rated contractors as well as talented interior designers to ensure a premium property. In additions, make sure that the chosen home builder uses top-notch building supplies only. Check out beforehand that the builder’s team is well-updated on modern building practices, trends and local building codes.

In addition, your custom home builder should be ready to offer you adequate space & time so that you can review and update details in order to inform the company about your particular building specifications. The best ones generally inform and discuss the project with the client at almost every stage of the building process.

Finally, it’s advisable to go with those builders who are ready to help you with green building solutions. It would ensure a healthy indoor air quality environment & reduced energy costs for the homeowner.


Peter Mangiameli is the President of PCH, Inc., the finest luxury custom home builder in the Hamptons.  For nearly 20 years, Peter has been building all styles of luxury homes, historic restorations, expansions and renovations. He and his highly skilled employees are also responsible for the highly regarded property management company, Hampton Estate Management. You can reach Peter at, or email at for more information about their services.

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