Entrusting Your Hamptons Estate To A Caretaker And An Estate Management Firm


The Hamptons have become synonymous with luxury real estate. And why not, some of the most magnificent homes and properties in the world make up our landscape. Each home has its own personality, given to it by you, the owner. Most homeowners immediately recognize the need for someone to look after their vacation home. Caretakers and other staff are often a very valuable part of your team. Caretakers and house managers have incredible assets, however they are generally not qualified to hire and oversee specialty contractors. Most lack an extensive background in construction or preventive and routine maintenance of a complex home and its many systems. Property management companies that specialize in maintenance and are construction oriented benefit greatly by working hand in hand with them. Caretakers often supply the property management company with a history of the home, their observations, and much more. At first they may be skeptical but they soon realize that the property management company isn’t a threat to them, they’re a blessing. They can now focus on their tasks with more efficiency and not worry about construction and maintenance items, while the homeowner they are so loyal to benefit from a better kept home, lower more targeted maintenance costs and the ability to make changes or upgrades to their estate with a brief phone call to their property management company.

So go ahead, install new entry gates; upgrade your new audio video; build a wine cellar or theatre; renovate a bathroom, kitchen or a guest room…it will now be handled by people that you trust, know your house inside and out, can execute your project with complete professionalism. Your team will make sure your home is always pristine and problem free and they are just a phone call away if you decide to make any changes.



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